• Sarah Danner

Why My Brother is Risking His Life

My brother Owen is more dedicated to going into the military than anybody I’ve ever seen. If you ever happen to read a famous athlete’s biography, you’ll notice how usually when they were a kid, all they did was hustle and play their sport. Well all Owen does is train, eat, then train some more. I just know he's on the path to success.

Nothing ticks Owen off more than to ask him why he wants to go into the military or why “he would risk his life like that”. He’s always been polite whenever this happens but in his head he’s thinking, why WOULDN’T you want to?

The thing I admire about my brother the most is that he realizes his life is not his own, therefore it’s not about him one bit. Whatever Owen’s doing, he’s not in it to benefit himself, he’s in it to benefit everyone else.

In Brent Crowe’s book, Moments ‘til Midnight, he says, “The world needs people who believe God can use them to accomplish what so many believe to be impossible—people who see that ocean of problems and are willing to set sail and solve a few.

News flash, you can’t be that person if you’re constantly putting yourself first. Quit worrying about your wants and go take care of somebody’s needs.

The military may not be for everyone but serving God and building His Kingdom sure is.

God can do more through us than we can imagine if only we realize that there’s more to life than just our own. Simple concept, challenging to accept.

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