• Sarah Danner

When You Don’t Feel a Connection with God

Have you ever felt left out when you’re around other Christians because they seem more spiritual or closer to God than you are? It almost makes you think you don’t have a relationship with God because yours doesn’t look like theirs.

This week on How So&So Became Reckless4Jesus, a friend of mine from Michigan, Delanie Nicklas, tells us how disconnected she used to feel from God and how He made Himself so real to her in the end. Even though she grew up in a Christian family and attended church every week, Delanie truly didn’t know who God was.

She said, “I always felt like I tried and I wouldn’t hear from God but everyone else in my family would, so I kinda gave up on it.”

That following year was tough for Delanie and she didn’t really know where she belonged or why she was even here in the first place. That is until, a friend invited her to a summer church camp.

On the third night of being there, Delanie became even more upset because she was now in a room of over 5,000 people and felt more out of place than ever. It seemed as if she was the only soul in the entire room who didn’t feel the presence of God.

“I remember the pastor getting on stage and saying that we needed to get in our own space and pray to God. He told us that we need to deal with our hearts.” said Delanie.

Prayer, that’s what she did...

Then some more...

Still praying...

Nothing. Absolutely nothing is what she felt. And this is why I admire her so much— she had no connection felt towards God at all, yet she told herself she was not leaving that spot until she felt God’s presence in whatever way that might be.

It was at that very moment that the song Purpose by Justin Bieber popped into Delanie’s head, the most unexpected thing ever, which is what makes God’s plans so wise. Here’s where you get blown away at, right then and there the pastor starts talking about that same song, Purpose and why Justin wrote it. He went on to say that someone in here feels like they don’t have a purpose in their life but God has called each and everyone of you to do great things.

Delanie bawled her eyes out and was in awe of how God spoke to her, through a Justin Bieber song of all things.

Everywhere she goes now, she writes the word “purpose” somewhere so whenever she has doubts or needs encouragement, God is always reminding her of His faithfulness.

The beautiful thing is that God was working inside of Delanie long before she had that moment. In fact He’s working in all of us as we speak. That’s why it’s so important to never compare your journey to someone else’s because who knows what God is doing in them at the time. Keep your eyes on Jesus, not somebody else’s path.

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