• Sarah Danner

To My Friend Who Thinks I'll Judge and Won't Understand

A friend of mine who I thought trusted me and told me almost everything, had actually been shielding a part of her life from me because well, “Sarah’s this perfect little Christian girl—she definitely will judge me and won’t understand.” 


When I first sensed that she was keeping something from me, I immediately felt left out and like our friendship didn’t even mean anything, but then it hit me. I wasn’t approachable. I put on this front like I had everything in my life together and had never once struggled with anything. 


So I took the time out of my day to send her this long text, telling her how highly I thought of her and how much I loved her. Then I told her the most important part... 

I’ve been there before my friend. Believe it or not, I’ve been there and done all that, probably more than you have and ever will I hope. 

I’ve been the girl who stayed up all hours of the night on the phone with a boy, just to be ignored the next day at school when he’s around his friends. I’ve bent over backwards for him when he’s done the bare minimum for me, and that’s after begging him to. I see you going through the same things and it’s  much clearer to me now. I tell you to get over him and that you deserve better, but even I know it’s not that easy to do. 

I’ve been the girl who craves doing everything her mama raised her not to do. The girl who just wants to say the heck with morals and rules, let’s just have some fun. I may be a Jesus Freak to the eyes of some now, but I am no stranger to the life of crazy parties on Friday, and if you’re feeling real frisky, Saturday nights too. Parties with cheap alcohol and boys that come with a case. 

I hear through the grapevine that you’re headed down that same road now and it breaks my heart. Not because you’re keeping it from me, but because I know how badly you’re about to get hurt. I see you searching for happiness and love in all of the wrong places. 

I know you can go dozens of nights, never getting caught or in trouble, and that just edges you to keep going on. But all those moments combined won’t be worth it one bit when that one night comes and your entire world has flipped upside down right before your eyes. 

You’ll do that one thing you swore you’d never do. I was the queen of that. That guy will step on your heart and crack it into even smaller pieces than he already has. By then, you’ll start to have regrets and forget your worth and how perfect God views you as. 

I want you to remember that it is never too late my friend, and that I will love you at your worst and be with you until you get to your best because I’ve been there and God’s done the same for me. 

You may feel thousands of miles from God and the path He has planned for you, but you can’t out run Him. He’s been there the whole time, right there waiting for you to say the words, to come back. I am too. 

After telling my friend all of this, not only did it encourage her and steer her away from a poor decision she was about to make—but it made our relationship stronger. 

Be real with one another. None of us are perfect, in fact we’re all struggling to live this life as best as we can so why not do it together, honestly?  

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