• Sarah Danner

The Power of Community

This week on How So & So Became Reckless 4 Jesus, my beautiful friend, Saphire Campbell, shares with us how important your community is and just how far they can uplift you.

“God wants us all to be apart of a family. For many this is a hard concept to grasp, as we all know families have their ups and downs. But in the Bible God makes it very clear that he wants us to be apart of a healthy godly community. Through my community I’ve seen God do some incredible things.” told Saphire and indeed she has.

Last month she took a trip to Israel and one of the boys in her group needed some sort of physical healing. One of the pastors who led the trip invited people who have either been prayed for and healed or have the specific gift of healing to come pray over this boy. After those people laid hands on him and prayed over him, he was healed right there on the spot.

During that same time, another person in Saphire’s group had nerve damage in her left hand and was not able to use it. Everyone prayed over her along with the boy who was just healed, and the finger she could not straighten out for years was completely straight and able to move. Was I the only one that just got chill bumps?

Saphire said, “We can’t look past that and not praise God for it! If it wasn’t first off for courage but secondly for the family they had surrounding them, they could’ve never experienced that.”

Saphire and more than likely you as well, hear God speak the most through community. She confessed that sometimes she gets into the way of thinking that God doesn’t make Himself clear, but that’s when we really have to trust His word and remind ourselves that God is not a God of confusion, but of clarity and comfort. That’s why the Bible is full of many parables and God has placed many people around us. She added, “Maybe it’s a leader sharing something encouraging or one of your girls testifying what she has seen the Lord do for her.”

If Saphire is sure of anything it’s that finding godly community is something that is both very challenging but VERY rewarding! She’s never been challenged so much outside of her small group at church. They truly care about her heart and relationship with God. Freedom happens in community.

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