• Sarah Danner

How Kristy Met Her Soulmate at 12 and Things Lasted

Who would’ve ever thought that it’s possible to meet your soulmate at 12 years old? Not 12 year old Kristy, that’s for sure.

One afternoon she went to go watch a friend play baseball at the Tara Village Ball Field, when word got back that a cute boy playing was asking about her. Brad Oliver. However, after discovering that he lived on the opposite side of town, Kristy dropped it and didn’t think twice about him. Sorry Brad, no offense.

A few months passed, and Kristy was absolutely shocked to see Brad seated in her Sunday school class one morning. Turned out, his grandmother had been going to her church for quite sometime and invited Brad and his family to start coming.

Kristy said, “We started hanging out as friends during youth group functions and it later turned into something stronger. We were stuck like glue at only 13 years old.”

At the time, Kristy was dealing with the pain and hardships of her parents divorce. Not to mention after Kristy’s freshman year of highschool, her mother’s job moved them up near Columbia. Through all of the devastation, Brad was always there to comfort and support her and they still made time for each other whenever possible. Little did they know that the roles would soon be switched.

June 1, 1989 was such a bittersweet day. Kristy grew up in church and believed in God, but this was the first time her faith was truly tested. It was Brad’s first day of summer break and he took his motorcycle out for a joy ride. Kristy had another day of school left and was going to come down to Florence during the weekend to see him. Brad was supposed to call her that night to arrange plans, but when he didn’t, Kristy knew deep down in her heart that something was wrong.

Brad was on his way back home about a mile away, when a dump truck didn’t see him and bulldozed him off of the road, right into a parked car. Kristy got the call and rushed to the hospital late that night with her mom, claiming it to be the longest ride of her entire life. She didn’t know what to expect or what condition he’d be in.

The next day, Kristy received the prognosis. Brad was paralyzed and would never walk again at the young age of 16. Everybody was heartbroken, especially since that meant no more baseball which was his heart’s desire.

Needless to say, life was difficult for the next several months and Brad struggled getting used to everything. However he was determined and driven to start school with his junior class on day one, which he did! Glory be to God. He truly was unbelievable, his strength and positive attitude helped everyone else cope.

Kristy stayed by his side for about another year when they each decided to take a break. She shared, “I had so many emotions of what life was going to be like. I knew I loved him, but was that enough?”

They went at least a year without really ever talking to each other. Kristy dated other guys but there was always something in her heart that never felt right. She thought about Brad often and wondered how he was doing.

After graduating highschool, Kristy moved back to Florence. She was doing some shopping at Sears, when she ran into you know who of all people, Brad Oliver. From that day on, they started talking again and the feelings came rushing back.

That was when Kristy had to allow her faith to become bigger than her fear. She knew that a metal frame and tires didn’t change who Brad was and all of the things that she loved about him. He was the same person.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and hope.’”

Kristy has always loved this verse but didn’t fully take it as God’s truth until looking back many years later and it’s true about your life too.

At the time of Brad’s accident, his life seemed like it was over. God had taken something, but he also gave Brad a beautiful voice that he didn’t have before his wreck. He now uses it to sing and touch others through worship. Brad and Kristy got married and were blessed with two boys.

They are living proof that God truly does make beauty from ashes if you hold your faith higher than your fears.

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