• Sarah Danner

Growing Up Without Christian Parents Inside the Church

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Rachael Bishop like many people grew up going to church, but she wasn’t necessarily “in” the church. On Sundays she slept on her mama’s lap or colored and then God was never spoken about again in her home throughout the following week. She slapped bible verses underneath her selfies on Instagram here and there because that’s what all good Christians do right? Rachael even attended multiple church camps and events with her youth group but her heart was never really in the right place.

She told me, “I attended this one conference all throughout middle school but my freshman year of highschool was the year the Lord wrecked my heart and changed the trajectory of my life. They had a call to the altar after the last session and I remember bawling and walking to the front feeling so shameful and dirty. I wasn’t the best kid in middle school. I dabbled with a lot of ugly sins growing up ranging from jealousy, rage towards my parents, pornography, self-resentment, comparison, and so many more...the cool thing about God is that not only does He know the worst about me, but He’s the one

that loves me the most.”

I asked Rachael why she thought it took 4 years of going to the same conference for her eyes to fully open and she responded with the simplest of answers, she wasn’t listening.

Rachael stated, “I think it’s easy to go on trips because there will be cute boys there,

your friends are going, or it’s at a nice location. But if you’re only going for that reason

and are distracted during sessions, you’re not going to learn much. My high school pastor at the time told me, ‘Rach, you’re going to get out of this what you put into it,’ and boy was he right! Go in and actually listen, take notes, and be receptive for what the Lord has. All He needs is a willing heart and He will do the rest.”

That’s exactly what Rachael has prayed for her parents ever since she received Christ

into her own life, that they do the same. Rachael says that her mom is learning and growing because of how she’s seen her life transform; it’s encouraging to her mom. Don’t get her wrong though, having parents who don’t truly know Christ isn’t easy. God never intended for children to be the spiritual leaders in the households.

Rachael shared, “I am the one that prays over food and I’m the one that begs my

parents to come to worship nights which they do attend sometimes. I’m the one with the “answers.” But with all this being said, I realize (and I hope you do too) that I cannot change a human heart, only God can do that. However, I can be a living example and hope my dad sees that like my mom does. It’s hard because I am not perfect (something they expect of me) and when I do mess up I get slandered with the, “but I thought you were a Christian,” and that hurts. But God is good and I know He is at work so I will keep praying and keep running the race He has placed before me.”

Rachael wants each and everyone of you to know that if you’re someone who doesn’t

have Christian parents, just keep praying, keep being kind, and keep loving them the best way you know how. Your parents WILL notice a difference.

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