• Sarah Danner

God Still Accepts You After Your Wild Days

We all come across moments that we’re not so proud of. Moments that make us want to put up a shield whenever someone brings them up. But guess what... Putting up a shield is the last thing God wants us to do. I know, crazy right? So how does God use our brokenness, faults, and mistakes?

On today’s How So&So Became Reckless4Jesus, my lovely friend, Brooke Newell, shares how God didn’t overlook her past, but used it to make a better future. Like Faith, who was in a recent blog I wrote, Brooke is a talented singer as well. She had always sang growing up, a few little gigs and karaoke sessions here and there. However it wasn’t until the music director at her church noticed a video that Brooke posted on Facebook of her singing to her precious daughter Greer, that she got asked to join the church’s praise team.

Brooke’s immediate reaction was yes to the offer, but there was still a part of her wanting to stay under the surface. She told me, “I’m typically an ‘I don’t care what others think’ type of person, but I would be lying if I didn’t have thoughts like, people are going to have something to say because of my ‘wild days’ but God’s grace has covered that. I wholeheartedly believe that every bit of my talent comes from HIM and I should use it to glorify HIM.”

Guilt is normal. It’s proof that you know what’s right from wrong and that you have a working conscience. What’s not acceptable is letting guilt determine how far you go. One of my favorite sayings is, “You can take a couple of wrong turns and still end up where you’re supposed to be.” I love that God gives us that option through His grace and His guidance. I don’t think God allows failure to happen for us to give up, we can do that on our own. I believe He intended for it to be a “Put your eyes on me, get yo self in check, and return to the mission” kind of moment. With that being said, Brooke had a decision to make. Either she cared more about what the world had to say about her, or what God had planned for her to do.

“What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”

Mark 8:36

The truth is, God doesn’t want us to hide our brokenness because than He is excluded from our story. If we’re so picture perfect and have it all together, there wouldn’t be a need for God, and we’d certainly be lying to ourselves. So be proud of your failures, own up to them! The best way to keep the attention off of you is to put it on God by telling everyone how He constantly swoops in and saves the day. How He constantly makes a way and provides when you are hopeless. We can never fail at sharing God’s love, we only fail when we make life about us and how great we look.

Brooke said, “It’s not about self glorification. It’s about using the talents we have been given to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are singing to Him, and if someone is blessed along the way, then that was all apart of His plan.” I’m sure you guessed right, she traded her worries for faith, and now does her own thing on the stage every Sunday morning.

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