• Sarah Danner

Age is Meaningless but Your Purpose Is Not

Go back to when you were 10 years old for a moment. What were some of your favorite things to do or people to hang out with? For me personally, I remember there always being a bunch of drama going on at school, trying to fit in, and struggling to shave off that awful baby fat. The last thing that was on my mind had to of been Jesus! That’s why on this week’s, How So&So Became Reckless4Jesus, I’ve chosen Abby McCutcheon, because she’s the perfect example that you’re never too young to do something for God.

Abby is 10 years old and attends J. C. Lynch Elementary School in Coward, South Carolina. I go to church with her family, and after hearing her mom mention that Abby’s started her own bible study, I just had to know how she did it! Abby shared, “What inspired me is seeing all of the drama and bad things going on at my school. So I prayed about it and God just told me that I needed to do something.

She took the initiative by meeting with her closest friends every other Tuesday at school. Their main focus is to discuss different issues going on around them, and then learn what God has to say about it all and how to handle it. They even throw in some worship, that’s what I’m talking about!

As great as it all sounds, Abby admits that sharing the gospel isn’t always that simple, “Everyday there is some type of drama at school which is very hard to get people to learn about Christ. People have picked and have been mean to me because I started a bible study. Once someone said they hated that I started it but I prayed for that person.

The bible tells us in 2 Timothy 3:12 that anyone who chooses to believe in Jesus Christ shall suffer persecution. While we have it way better off than some Christians in other countries who receive fatal penalties, words still burn and discourage us here in South Carolina, or perhaps wherever you’re reading from. God knew living a life that honored Him wouldn’t be easy but hey, no pressure no diamonds right?! Abby said she pushes through by praying and reading the good news about God everyday. You’re probably thinking right now, wow that sounds so cliche and plain, yet it’s true. Having some scripture under your belt and just knowing some key things that God says and is capable of doing, can change your entire outlook on what life throws at you. Once you’re a little more familiar with God, you should be able to see Him answer your prayers more clearly.

Abby’s just a sinner chasing after Jesus, she’s no different than Billy Graham. She may just be a little bit wiser than some others because she realized how much she needs God at an earlier age in life, but that’s it. Jesus never said you had to be an adult or have your life figured out before you start following him. No, instead he reached people where they were at in that very moment in their walk, God or no God pictured. So what are you waiting for?

Thank you so much Abby for sharing your story on this week’s How So&So Became Reckless4Jesus! Stayed tuned until next Monday!

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