• Sarah Danner

How to Use What God Gave You

     Do you ever hear a certain song, and it just clicks with you, makes you feel at ease and at peace? For me, that’s about any worship song. Whenever it feels like the world is spinning 100 mph and nothing seems to be going right, it always amazes me how God can just swoop in and reassure me through His words and a beat. Can I get a witness!

     For today’s, How So&So Became Reckless4Jesus, I was honored to get my beautiful friend, Faith Hyman, to share a little bit of her heart with us. If you know anything about her, you know she can sing like an angel. Infact, she’s now a vocalist in her church band at Southside Baptist. 

      Faith stated, “Singing for Jesus has taught me how to let go when I worship, and not think about what others are thinking of me, or anything else that is going on in my life...and how what I sing can influence or even change the lives of others, which I thank Jesus for.”

     It’s great to have a talent, but it’s impressive to use that talent for Jesus. I believe when we promote our faith through our passions, that’s when people begin to see God through us because we’re not doing what we love for us anymore. We realize that there is something greater out there besides ourselves. That there are far more important things than getting followers or thick paychecks. That our one and only purpose here is to share God’s beauty with everyone. And how better to do that than through our own unique gifts from God.

     When I asked Faith what some things were that held her back from singing, she responded, “Some insecurities can get in the way, like thinking I’m not good enough at singing, or that I don’t sound good singing a certain song, but I have been humbled and learned that it’s not about how I sound, but about how what I’m singing influences and encourages others in their walk with God. It’s about God, not me.”

     My question is to you, what has God given you to do and what will you do with it? You don’t have to sing and you don’t have to write. All you have to do first, is love others. God can do a whole lot with that.

Keep up with Faith on social media and stay inspired! She also does great photography and is currently taking on clients :)

Personal Instagram: @faith_hyman

Photography Instagram Page: @faithhymanphotography

Catch ya next Monday for another “How So&So Became Reckless4Jesus”

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