• Sarah Danner

When God’s Word Becomes Numb

I think we can all agree that from time to time, we become numb to God’s word. It’s easy to slap the “God’s going to take care of this” bandaid on things but it’s difficult to completely put all of your worries behind you.

Following God is sort of like math class to me. When I used to not understand a problem, I would just struggle, copy down the answer, then move on. But now when I don’t know what the first step is, I take the time to ask somebody and learn from them.

In the same way, let God make your load lighter. Don’t just tell yourself that God is mighty and powerful. Figure out and tell us HOW He is mighty and powerful! Do some research and tell us HOW He has changed lives and used the ordinary to do the mind blowing.

If you were going skydiving with me (aka trusting me with your life) would you rather hear that I’m pretty good at it or that I’ve done it 1,000 times by myself from the Eiffel Tower?!

Knowing what God has already done in the past helps us feel more confident in what He is capable of doing in the future. So take that extra minute, hour, whatever, and get to know God better. Read through complete stories in the bible, look up good commentary to help explain it, put yourself in the character’s shoes. Pray for God to relate what you’ve learned into your life, to help guide you better.

I personally recommend using the NLT version of the bible (it's straight to the point) and you can access it for free using the Bible App available in the App Store. Two of my favorite stories to help get you started reading are...David defeating Goliath in 1 Samuel!...The entire sweet, short, and simple book of Ruth!

Please email me at sdanner9@gmail.com for any more advice, I'd love to help and join you on your journey :)

Live Fearless - Sadie Rob

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