• Sarah Danner

The Good That Comes from Getting Out of God's Word

I’ve seen plenty of films based on true stories, about how the main character went from the average person to a hero.

I’ve read best-seller novels on how to turn your life around.

I’ve gotten so close to God and eager to learn more about Him and His word, that it’s kept me from doing my homework many nights.

But none of that got me anywhere.

I’ve learned that my life is unique, it’s not like anyone else’s, and no I wasn’t just born yesterday. What I mean is that, yeah there are great people out there with some super good advice, and it’s fantastic to learn from them. They say knowledge is power, but I’m going to have to disagree on that one. Taking initiative is what gives you the power. Sometimes you have to veer off from the source, in order to spread it with others.

For example, I’ve never really had to study or put in a lot of effort to make honor roll in school, it kind of just came to me naturally. But then I walked into Algebra... somehow passed and made it to Geometry...lol. I strongly dislike both subjects with a passion. I’m guessing because they’re a challenge to me and well, make my head hurt if I stay on a problem too long. So when that would happen, I’d quit and move on to something else and use the, “God won’t let a bad grade get in the way of my future!” excuse, and I bought it too.

At this time I’d gotten really interested in a particular bible study which led to question after question, and I just got so engaged and interested at what I was learning about Jesus. It sounds all perfect until I tell you that I had began using this as an excuse not to study for my hard math test. Not to review vocabulary for AP Human Geography. I honestly thought that it was okay just because I was doing the Lord’s work, but in reality I wasn’t doing any work at all.

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”

-Colossians 3:23

Good advice only sounds good when you don’t need it. I’ve been told that growing isn’t comfortable when I’m all hyped up, and life's going smooth, I thought nothing could stop me. Bring it! And then things start changing, they start getting really uncomfortable, and instead of keeping my momentum going, I ask God, why is this happening? What is the reason behind all this madness? All this x + B73 = S1E1? Ya know, and my attitude just becomes awful. The worst part is that I tell myself that I deserve a break, that I deserve to be happy. I do though, I deserve to be happy, and I could’ve remained happy from the start if I wouldn’t of taken a break halfway through the sprint.

My youth pastor’s wife, Katy, told me that we should be practicing here on Earth, what we’ll be doing in Heaven. If I give up on a little math question, could I even make it through a dry season with God when things get unbearable? We may not sing TobyMac and pray together in Geometry, but God did put me in that classroom for a purpose, I was just overlooking it. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a challenge for me and I believe God’s using it so I can grow emotionally and spiritually.

I can tell myself this and take suggestions from people all day long, but if I’m not only willing to stay rooted in the Word, but also get out of it enough to do what it says, then I won’t get anywhere! I’ve realized that spending one on one time with God isn’t what changes your circumstances, it’s what you do with what God’s taught you during that time. So if that means I’ve got to spend less hours in a bible and a little more in a textbook, I’m down for that now.

Take advantage of the knowledge around you and start taking initiative with me today!

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